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Yongkang Zehui Metal Product Co. Ltd is a company specialized in designing, As China Wholesale 12.0L Air fryer Oven Manufacturers and OEM/ODM 12.0L Air fryer Oven Suppliers & exporting the specific Home Kitchen Cooking Appliance - AIR FRYER, which meets the FDA, LFGB, CE, CB, GS, ROHS, REACH, ETL, INMETRO, CCC, approval standards.

Zehui was established in 2002. With the support of 57,000 square meters and 1,000 employees, Zehui has a monthly production capacity of 350,000 pieces and an annual turnover of about 90 million USD. In addition, Zehui has been certified by ISO9001 and BSCI.

With the perfect quality and efficient service, Zehui has become a professional and trustworthy supplier to many buyers in Europe, South America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. You can rest assured that Zehui can handle your bulk orders.

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    Become a well-known supplier of healthy kitchenware in the industry.

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    To provide customers around the world with high-quality healthy cooking utensils and professional service.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

12L Multifunctional Air Fryer Oven
The 12L multifunctional air fryer oven is a kitchen appliance that integrates multiple cooking functions, and has the following features:
Large-capacity design: The 12L capacity is large enough to meet the needs of large families or commercial occasions, and it is more convenient to cook food.
Multiple cooking functions: The air fryer oven can not only fry, bake, bake bread, bake pizza, roast chicken, roast vegetables, etc., but also steam, boil, grill fish, grill skewers, grill sandwiches and other cooking methods, very practical.
Hot air convection technology: The hot air convection technology can heat the food evenly and comprehensively, reducing the number of turning over during the cooking process, which is more convenient.
Digital control panel: Equipped with a digital control panel, the time and temperature can be adjusted conveniently. It has functions such as appointment, preheating, and heat preservation, and is easy to operate.
Safety protection: This air fryer oven is also equipped with a variety of safety protection measures, such as overheating protection, power-off memory, automatic power-off, etc., to ensure the safety of users.
Healthy and environmentally friendly: Using an air fryer oven can reduce the intake of fat during cooking, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. It can not only maintain the nutritional value of food, but also reduce the oily smoke and peculiar smell produced during cooking, and keep the kitchen environment clean and hygienic.
Energy saving and power saving: Compared with traditional ovens, the air fryer oven can be preheated quickly, using hot air convection technology, heating evenly, reducing cooking time and energy consumption, saving energy and electricity.
Multifunctional use: The air fryer oven has multiple cooking functions to meet different needs, and it can flexibly control the time and temperature during the cooking process, suitable for different ingredients and tastes.
Easy to clean: The air fryer oven is made of non-stick coating material, which will not cause food to stick during the cooking process. It is easy to clean, and the inner wall of the oven and the baking tray can be disassembled for cleaning, which is more convenient and hygienic.
The 12L multi-function air fryer oven is a kitchen appliance that combines many advantages. It can meet people's needs for health and environmental protection, energy saving, multi-functional use and easy cleaning. It is a very practical cooking tool.
12L Oil-Free Air Fryer With Viewing Window
The 12L oil-free air fryer with viewing window has the following features:
Large Capacity Design: This air fryer has a capacity of 12L, which is large enough to meet the cooking needs of the family, not only can cook a large amount of food, but also roast large ingredients such as a whole chicken or duck.
Visual window design: The air fryer has a visual window, which can observe the food status during the cooking process, and does not need to open the oven door frequently, reducing heat loss and temperature changes inside the oven.
Precise temperature control: The air fryer can precisely control the temperature and time in the oven, and flexibly adjust according to different ingredients and cooking requirements to achieve a more ideal baking effect.
Multifunctional use: In addition to the conventional functions of baking, baking, and toasting bread, the air fryer can also be used for frying, grilling fish, kebabs, steaming, etc., and has a wide range of uses.
Easy to clean: The interior of the air fryer is designed with a non-stick coating, which is not easy to stick to food, easy to clean, and the detachable design is convenient for cleaning.